We all deal with stress differently. Some people handle it well and some don’t. Some symptoms of stress on Web MD are anxiety, agitation, feelings of losing control, low self-esteem, and so on. Knowing what causes your stress and how you react to it can help you prepare when you know you are going to face a situation that will stir up your stress. In this case, it’s important to create a plan for how you will deal with it.


   I go back to work next week and I know my job brings on stress and anxiety. These few days before I go back are crucial. I need to come up with a plan to deal with the long lines, grumpy customers, and the aches and pains that go with the job of a cashier. I also have to make sure I take care of my ankle so I won’t have any relapses. A lot rests on my shoulders. Like you read in a previous blog post, I discovered my job is the main source of my anxiety. I have to be ready to handle that, too.


   There are many techniques to handle stress. I just have to find the ones that work for me and will help prevent anxiety attacks. Before surgery I dragged myself to work each day worrying about doing my job well, about keeping the line going, and dealing with aches and pains. There are many things to worry about like doing a WIC check right. One mistake could result in a five day suspension without pay. It’s important to make sure you give the right change back or to not forget to give change back. Then there is lifting heavy items like dog food and pop and standing on concrete floors for hours. Even with a mat, it’s difficult.

   The question is, how am I going to handle all this when I return to work? For a while I will be sitting while cashing and bagging. This will put a lot of extra weight on my shoulders, arms, and upper back. So it’s important for me to ice these areas after work and do stretches while I’m at work and home. I must also make sure I ice my ankle after work. I also must prepare myself mentally before work, during, and after. I have to use positive thinking and fight the worries with relaxing techniques. After work I will journal, color in my adult coloring book, and work on my memoir to keep my mind busy.

   I found some techniques on Web MD you can use to deal with stress. Some of them are:

  • exercise

  • deep breathing

  • meditate

  • do yoga

  • pray

  • making time for hobbies

  • talking about your problems

  • positive thinking

  • journal.


   Find a method that works the best for you. Talk to your therapist about other ways to deal with the stresses in your life. Discuss with your therapist what things in your life cause your stress and develop a plan to handle it.

   While I’m writing this blog post, I am preparing for my return to work. Each time I start worrying about work, I tell myself to stop and try to think of something more positive. I iced my ankle and I went to the chiropractor to make sure my back and shoulders are ready for the extra work. I’ve been coloring in my adult coloring book and expressing my feelings in my journal. I’m also going to enjoy the couple of days I have left of freedom. By the time you read this, I will be back to work and well prepared to handle anxiety. This will keep the light shining down on me.


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