Absorb The Good

This week I was unable to write a blog post due to a health concern that has come up. I appreciate prayers. Until next week I’ll leave you with a quote a good friend wrote.

” Everything that happens to you happens for a reason. You need to see the good in the bad, then absorb the good from it. Never repeat the bad act, accept it and move on. Then at the end of the day sit down and focus on the good things and be thankful for them. The good things can be¬† small as going for a walk and making it home safely or waking up the next day ect. Don’t forget to thank the Lord for showing you life experiences.”

By Karen Robbs






2 thoughts on “Absorb The Good

  1. Some days are truly tuff to believe things happen for a reason in gods plans .I am at the point I cant believe it any more shit keeps hitting me im trying but the edge to end it is getting stronger


    • Deann,
      I know at this point in your life itsihard to see the good, but there is good. Ending it is forever. You have so much to live for. You might not see at this point but it’s there. Fight the urge to end it. Try hard to find the good. God has a plan for you. It might happen in his time but it will happen. Recovery is possible.


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