Happy New Years to all of you. With the holiday’s and my grandma not doing good I didn’t come up with a full post. I want to remind you all that when we make resolutions for the new year we tend not to follow them. Instead of a resolution set goals for 2019. Start out with small goals like finding a therapist or getting a mammogram. As the year goes on you can make new and bigger goals.

Your goals can help you achieve a healthier new year physically and mentally. This could be the right time to reach for the light of recovery from mental illness or the year you overcome breast cancer or prevent it. Make goals for your future too. Like finding a better job, writing that book, saving for your own home and so on. With your goals you can have a happier and healthier new year. In the comments leave your goals for 2019.

Have a safe, healthy and happy New Years!!!


  1. Hi Aimee,
    My goal is to grow in my relationship to Christ. Then I want to be a stable and supportive family member.
    Workwise, I have a number of specific, measurable goals. They begin with re-branding myself on my website. (or branding myself for the first time as I never did it before).
    Thanks for the reminder to set goals and not resolutions. They begin with habits and routines. You are doing great on your blog. Keep it up!
    Wishing you so much joy in 2019 with your memoir and your part of Alex’s book! So proud of you!
    Amy B


    • Amy,
      Thank you for your comments. You have chosen some good goals. I’m cheering you on. I’m still trying to understand the concept of branding.
      Keep up the good work.


  2. Resolution implies that you are not good enough, therefore need to resolve to fix the problem. Goals are exactly what people need to make rather than resolutions. Everyone is good enough. They just need help to see that. I think my goal for this year is to try and lose weight. Hoping it will be easier to do so having to use a cpap machine to help me sleep better at night.


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