Not everyone has the ability to write, and no one starts out as the perfect writer. Writing is a God given–gift that needs lots of fine tuning and learning. Published writers have a wealth of information to share and techniques to try. No author knows everything there is to know about writing and everyone has a different technique. The learning process is endless. Writers participate in workshops and conferences to better their work. They also read books on different techniques.


Back in seventh grade I found I had a talent to write. Writing became my therapy to deal with bullying and it became my passion. In school I bought books on writing and read them religiously. My high school English teacher signed me up for a summer program for talented writers at Chautauqua Institute. I loved it. A bus took us there and home each day for a week. I lived a half hour from the institute.


Bell tower at  Chautauqua Institute

Then my teacher gave me information on a writing conference for high school students at Susquehanna College. My parents scrounged up the money for me to go. My science teacher took me for a weekend writers retreat in a small town called Findley Lake. In eleventh grade I raised enough money to go to Washington, DC for a journalism conference. Yet I still had a lot to learn.

Going to writing workshops helped not only my writing, but it also helped lift me up during some depressing times in my life. Every time I came back my parents and teachers said I was glowing. I was learning about what I loved and I was making friends with other people who loved the same thing. The conferences took me away from my sad, lonely world for a little while and they helped me grow as a writer. In high school I felt like a nobody, but at the conference I felt like somebody.


Me and friends I made at Susquehanna University writing conference.

As an adult I joined a writing critique group called Pennwriters. I began to learn and improve my writing even more. Much of what I learned about writing in high school was obsolete. Learning to be a professional writer was a whole new experience. I had lots to learn.

I started going to Pennwriters writing conferences. I had made some friends at my group and I shared a room with my friend Jan. I was pretty shy and I stuck to her like glue. Then Jan introduced me to Saint Davids Christian Writers conference. Again I stuck to Jan, but in time I blossomed. I broke free of my shyness and began making new friends. When I returned home I was glowing.


Jan and I at Pennwriters conference

Going to the conference helped me shed the chains that were holding me down since high school. It helped me break free of my silence. I made some really good friends at Saint David’s that have been my friends for years now. I met my friend Kelly who helped me invite God into my life and my friend Roberta who edits these blog posts. Now that I am married and we own a home, I no longer can afford the Pennwriters weekend conference, but I go to the one day conference. I go to Saint David’s when I can get a scholarship.

Writers never stop learning and improving their abilities. Writers have their own techniques. At the conferences I learn something new from each workshop. I take a little bit from each workshop to improve, to grow, and to develop my own technique. There is always room for improvement, for learning, and growing as a writer.


Saint Davids Christian Writers conference attendees years ago before I was married. Can you find me?

Right now I am packing to go to Saint Davids Christian writers conference. I am very excited to see my friends and to learn. I sold copies of the book I’m published in and raised enough money to get a partial scholarship. A lot has been going on in my life with being a cancer survivor, two people I love very much having a rough time, and having my own health problems. Last week I was sick in bed with a sinus infection and not too long ago I dealt with plantar fasciitis. I need this conference. It’s my therapy.

I enjoy every minute of learning about my craft and I love meeting new people who also have the same passion as me. I also love to buy books and have the author sign them. I can’t wait to be signing my own book at Saint David’s in the future. I can’t wait to see my friends and to talk about something I love, writing.


God gave me a wonderful talent and I will continue to work on improving it so I can use it to help others. I have noticed since I started this blog my posts have gotten better. I will continue to work on improving them. My writing is my heart and soul. I always tell people if you really want to get to know me read my writing. I pour all of me in every word. My writing keeps me in the light of recovery.

Since I am going to Saint David’s Wednesday there will be no new blog post next week.







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