2019 is about to end, and at midnight we will usher in 2020. Do you look back at 2019 and think of all the bad things that happened? Do you reflect on the good things or do you look ahead? Many make resolutions they never keep in the new year. Many plan on starting diets, declare they will exercise more, decide they will tighten their budgets, and so on. Some of the resolutions get off to a good start and then the person loses interest. We can make resolutions we never follow through with or we can look at a new year as a new beginning.


The past three years have been rough for me with surgeries, illnesses, and loss of loved ones. It’s easy to worry that a new year will bring more problems and heartaches. It would be easy for me to fear 2020. I’m already having problems with my carpal tunnel in my wrist. It hurts to be writing this, and I have to take several breaks to get the feeling back in my fingers. I tried the chiropractor, but there doesn’t seem to be much improvement. I’m worried I will have to start out the year with carpal tunnel surgery. That would be my eighth surgery. I don’t want another surgery. I could dwell on this or think about the new year in a more positive light.

What new things can I do? What changes can I make to my life? How can I take a leap into a new beginning? 2020 doesn’t have to be another bad year. I could have another surgery, but by doing the surgery, I would be able to write without pain. Then I’d be able to write more consistently and 2020 could be the year I get my memoir published. In the new year my new beginning could be me holding my first book and autographing it. There is always a better way to look at the negative side to life and life’s challenges.

If it comes down to surgery or giving up my writing, I’d rather do the surgery. My writing means everything to me. It’s my dream, my escape from my life and my therapy. I can’t stop writing.

Even my chiropractor said, “I can’t have a writer who can’t write.”


I don’t want to think of the New Year as another bad year. I want to think of it as a year with new beginnings. This is my year to shine in my writing and speaking. It’s my year to try new things and make new memories. I’ve been through so much and the health problems seem to keep popping up. I could worry that more problems will come, but I choose to look at the brighter side. I can’t live my life worrying if another health problem or tragedy is going to happen.

2019 wasn’t a totally bad year. I gave two speeches, I received an award, I was on TV three times, and I was published in another author’s book. If I could accomplish that despite losing Aunt Fay, my grandma, and a dear friend, Nancy Coleman, just think of what I can do in a new year. I have a whole year to make many strides in my life. I will grow, learn from my mistakes, and take new steps.

This could be your chance to start your life over. 2020 can be the year you take control of your mental illness and find recovery, it can be the year you kick breast cancer in the butt, it can be the year you start a life with the man of your dreams, and much more. It’s a new year and your chance for a new beginning. Welcome 2020 with open arms, big dreams, and much more, and reach beyond the inner pain for a new start.

Don’t look back at the bad things that happened in 2019 and dwell on them. Instead, cherish the good things and reach for a better year. Start something new; do something new. 2020 is your year to shine.


I’m not going to look at 2020 as the year I may have another surgery. Instead, I’m going to look at it as a new start with lots of new steps and dreams. The light of 2020 is bright, and at midnight I will be dancing in the light of a new beginning.




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