It’s a very scary time for all of us. Many of us are trapped at home, only able to leave for the essentials. It’s easy to look at all the negative that the COVID-19 is causing us. It has totally turned our lives upside down and inside out. Life as we know it has completely changed. If we weren’t afraid of germs before the pandemic, we are now. We are afraid of each other. Everyone outside of our homes could potentially infect us with this deadly virus. It’s hard to find anything positive during an awful time like this.


When I was going through therapy my therapist had me look for and write down the positive things in my life. It was extremely hard to do when it felt like my life was a bottomless pit of darkness, anguish, pain, and hopelessness. She had me list the positive things in my journal. At first it seemed like an impossible task. I struggled with it. I stared at a blank page for hours on end until I wrote one thing. In time the one thing turned to two, three, and more things.

Right now is one of those bad times in our lives that we need to find something good to focus on. Below I have a few positive things that will help you look at the brighter side to this world crisis.



  • Immediate families that live under the same roof are spending more time together. My husband is laid off. When he was still working, he usually went to work before I got up, and by the time I got out of work, we usually had a little time together before he went to bed. But now I get to wake up each morning in my husband’s arms, and after I get out of work, we watch TV together or go for rides.
  • Extra time to get housework done, to do gardening, and do home projects. Since my husband has been home, he has been able to get some of the housework done and other projects. We have lots of clean clothes and clean floors.
  • Time to exercise outside, go for a walk with your pet or by yourself, or just sit on the porch. My friend and personal trainer, Denise, and I have been exercising. The days are getting warmer and sunnier and we are taking advantage of it. There is less traffic to worry about and only a few people around. My friend Cheryl tells me about how she likes to sit on her porch and watch birds.
  • For those of you who are out of work, you can have PJ days. You can decide not to get dressed for a whole day or several days. My one friend told me she has spent several days lounging in her pajamas. I’m jealous. I want days where I don’t have to dress for work. Next week when I start my vacation, I’m planning to spend some days in my nightie.
  • There are random acts of kindness going on in our towns, cities, and states. People are picking up groceries and prescriptions for elderly or handicapped neighbors. People are making meals for those on the front lines and so on. When my husband got laid off, friends gave us a gift of money to help us out.
  • It’s a good time to put your crafty side to work. People are bored so they are working on crafts to take up their time. My friend Cheryl has made a cross out of clothespins, wreaths, and other projects. I’ve been seeing some pretty crafty masks coming through my lines. A lady and her kids came in my line with knitted masks. One had a mask with a pig face and the other had a dog face.
  • You can spend time reading that book you have been meaning to read for a long time. When I’m on my ten-day vacation, I have some reading I plan to catch up on. For those of you out of work, you can sit outside on a warm day and read.
  • It’s a good time to video chat with friends and family. If we can’t spend time with our friends and family, then we can video chat with them through Zoom, Messenger, and Skype. My friends Cheryl, Jane, and I have what we call, “Date night.” We watch SWAT while we are video chatting on Messenger. During commercials we catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives. Jane shows us her kitties, I show off my dog, and Cheryl shows off her only pet, her man.


These are just a few good things about this crazy time. Now it is your turn. Take out a notebook or a sheet of paper. Write at the top of it, “POSITIVE THINGS IN MY LIFE.” Beneath it start listing the positive things about you being stuck at home or working on the front lines. Positive things about me working on the frontline are free lunches each day at work, customers thanking me for what I do, and gift cards from my employer. Also, since my husband is off work, I can take the car to work instead of the bus. Now you try it. Think hard. Despite how hard things are, there are positive things in your life. Start listing them. Put a few in the comments. I’d love to hear about the good things happening in your life.


Focusing on the good helps me get through each day of work during a very scary time and it keeps me standing in the light.


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