I hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day. Fathers are special men who raise us, who love us unconditionally, who teaches us important lesson, and so much more. A father can be the man who helped bring us into the world, a friend or uncle who’s there when you need him the most, the man who steps in when the real father is unable to, the man who raises you like you’re his own and so on. There are fathers who fail to fulfill their role and fail at being good dads. Father’s Day is for the men who put in the hard work; these are the father’s who deserve to be honored.

My dad is a special man. When we were kids, Mom stayed home and took care of us four kids while Dad went to work at the family garage. He worked long hard hours to provide for us. Mom worked hard at home taking care of us and the home while Dad worked hard fixing cars and semis. Mom and Dad were a team: they both worked hard at providing for us, loving us, and raising us. 

My grandpa and Dad after working in the garage

The family garage was a very demanding job for my dad. Sometimes Dad worked late at the garage and late into the night when he was on call. The guys of the garage took turns being on call. On call meant during the night and on days when the garage was closed, they had to go out and help someone whose car or semi broke down. Sometimes the calls came on holidays, pulling my dad away from the celebrations. Other times calls came in the wee hours of the morning depriving him of sleep.

No matter how hard my dad worked, he found time to play with us. He loved and still loves to chase us around and tickle us. All of us kids and Dad had dog piles. I was scared to be on the bottom, so I always got to be on top. Dad loved to give us piggyback rides and swing us around in circles. We had whiffle ball and kick ball games in our yard. Even Mom joined in on those. We split up into teams. We played and laughed together as a family. Dad was never too busy for us.

Dad was always a hard-working man and still is. Sitting still is a sin in his eyes. He worked so hard during the garage years it became second nature. He can’t sit still. He thinks he’s being lazy. When he went to a new job after the garage was sold, he found it too easy. He worked the job and worked on people’s private airplanes on the side.

My mom and Dad holding their great grandchild

My dad is a very handy man. He can fix just about anything. Not just cars and semis. He can fix lawn mowers, airplanes, bicycles, and more. He can also do carpentry work. He remodeled the bathroom in my parents’ home and in the home my grandparents moved into after the garage. He has put windows in my home and when one window was too big, he found a way to make it fit. He’s replaced steps on our porch and much more.

There isn’t much he can’t do. He is an incredibly talented man. Whenever my husband and I have a problem my dad comes to the rescue. He works on our car, he fixes things around our home, and he never asks for anything in return. When I was in college, I couldn’t afford nice cars, and the cars I did have always broke down on me. Dad came to my rescue and towed my car home with a chain hooked to the back of his pickup. I don’t know how many engines, transmissions, and so on he put in my cars. He was my superman coming to my rescue when my car decided to die on me.

My dad didn’t always understand my mental illness. Sometimes he lost his patience with me when as a child I had bad episodes, but he never stopped loving me. When I was in an episode, I pushed him beyond his limits. I argued with him, I called him awful names, and I screamed at him, and he still loved me. No matter how mean I was he never tuned his back on me.

When I was diagnosed with mental illness, he was supportive. He was willing to stand by me no matter what. He’s not as good with words as Mom is, but I knew he was there for me. He’d ask me if I was okay and encourage me to fight the illness. I didn’t confide in my dad like I did my mom, but he always was willing to listen if I needed him. When I wrote about my illness, he read it and it helped him understand more.

My dad is a hero. He comes to my rescue when I need him. I’m not sure what I would do without him. He doesn’t need a cape or a mask to be a superhero, he just needs to be himself. He’s very special. I can’t be any more thankful to have such a wonderful Father.

My mom and Dad

If you have a father or someone who is like a father who is always there for you, let him know how grateful you are. Don’t just spoil him on Father’s Day but spoil him every day. You don’t need to spoil him with gifts. You can give him hugs, tell him how much he means to you, and thank him from the bottom of your heart for all he does.

     With the love of my dad filling me, I stand strong in the light of recovery.


  1. A wonderful post, Aimee, and I can see why your dad was so touched.
    He was so much like my dad, who was a real family man, too. They surely would have gotten along well.
    Thanks for this post and God bless.


    • Amy,
      Thank you for your comment. My dad is a family man. He always is there for us. Sometimes we don’t see eye to eye, but I don’t know what I do without him.
      Thank you.


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