I have been working hard for over three years to write a memoir of how I was bullied in school and found love and acceptance at the family garage. Many of you have heard about my memoir journey and some of you may not have. I wanted to share with you a scene from my memoir. I took a scene from Chapter 9 when I was in second grade. I’m not going to give you to much details about the Chapter, because I don’t want to spoil it for you when my book comes out. I will tell you I have a learning disability and had a hard time learning to read. My mom read books with me to help me learn and in time I could read simple things. I was excited to show my second grade teacher I could read. Well, the rest is in the scene below. My goal to finish editing my memoir is June 2021.



A few weeks after school started, my teacher, a round lady with short hair, handed out a worksheet. My soul lifted. Now was my chance to show everyone my new ability. I followed the directions and circled the answers. Holding my head high I walked up to the teacher’s desk. She graded my work while I stood there.

     “You cheated.” Her voice screeched. “There is no way someone like you could have gotten an “A”.” She drew a big “F” across my paper. “I don’t tolerate cheaters.”

     But I worked really hard all summer to read. I didn’t cheat, honestly. I worked hard. Tears threatened to spill. My head hung low.

     Words formed at my lips, but I couldn’t force them out. I could feel my classmate’s eyes on me. It was like they were tearing through my skin. Snickers filled the room. I slowly made my way back to my desk.

     Donna leaned towards me. “You shouldn’t use my answers. Don’t worry, I’ll tell her you need my help.”

     But I didn’t. I did it myself. My mom helped me read. I got the “A” myself. What’s the use? No one will ever believe me.

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