We were all excited to kick 2020 out and start a new year, but the news doesn’t promise a better year. People are still getting sick and dying from COVID at a high rate. When this started, we hardly knew of anyone with the virus; now everyone knows somebody who has it or had it. The news is also telling us there is a new strain of it that is more contagious coming into the United States. What can we find positive in a new year? Will things get better or worse? What hope do we have for 2021?

     Instead of dwelling on the grim facts of a virus that seems to have no end in sight, we need to look at the positives and our goals to make the year a good one. The vaccine is supposed to fight off this sickness and lower the number of cases of those affected by it. The vaccine isn’t a promise that this will help slow the disease, but it gives us hope. Some don’t trust something made in such a short time. Whatever you believe in the vaccine or not, you need to find hope. Finding hope will help you push forward and out of the realms of negativity.

     I’m looking at goals to help 2021 look brighter. My first and most important goal is to get my memoir published. I asked some friends and my husband to hold me accountable for making time to edit my memoir. My friend Amy and Cheryl and my husband so far have agreed to give me that little extra push. I started a “book fund” to help pay for a professional editor and any other tools I need to get my memoir published. I started the fund last year. I have saved five hundred and fifty-four dollars so far. In the new year I’m going to work on selling some of my woodburnings and that money will go to my fund.

  I’m determined 2021 will be the year I hold my very own published memoir in my hand. It will be the year I do book signings and have my first launch party. This makes me excited for the new year. I’m putting together a schedule of days I will edit and days I will do woodburnings.

I ordered a new, professional woodburner that will make my work look even better. I joined a pyrography Facebook page to get tips on how I can do better at my hobby. If my burnings look better, more people will want to buy them and there will be more money to put into my fund.

     In 2021 I will be healthier and stronger. As soon as I start my physical therapy to build up my muscles after my surgery, the more I’ll be able to get back to working out with my friend. I’m going to return to my healthy diet. Being off work and laid up, I got off the healthy eating and gained some of my weight back. In the new year I’m going to work my butt off to lose the weight and become healthier. I hope to put an end to having surgeries and health problems. I’m also looking forward to being skinny and buying new clothes. My goal is to continue my weight loss journey and to look fabulous in a new body.

     In this new year I return to work after being off for four months. By the time this goes out I will have had my first day back to work. I’m returning to work as a stronger person and without the pain I had for a long time during 2020. My goal is to build up the muscles in my back so my scoliosis will not be as bad, and my job will not cause so much back pain. Maybe if my back is stronger then things like breaking a bone in my back will be less likely to happen and I’ll have less pain after work. Plus, my surgeon said I needed to keep weight off and build up my back muscles so the fusion will not bother my scoliosis.  

     2020 has made spending time with family and friends difficult. We can’t get together in big groups and we have to be careful when we do see each other. I do many things online. For a while I had no contact with my parents except on the phone. In the new year I plan to deepen my relationships with my family and friends even if it’s through video messenger, zoom, emailing, texting, or just a phone call. I’m going to make sure the people I love know I care. My friend Amy loves to give gifts to cheer people up and I thought maybe special messages will reach the hearts of those I care about.

     Another goal of mine is to find time to nurture myself. I neglect my own needs to much. To face the public, I need to take care of my needs and know my limitations. People during the pandemic tend to be grumpier and they come to the store in groves to stock up on food. They complain about the rules, our conveyer belts being wet, and our store being out of stuff. They wear their masks below their nose and complain because they are forced to wear a mask for the couple hours or minutes they shop. My anxiety rises, I start to stress and by the time I leave work, I’m a wreck. This year I’m going to nurture myself while I’m working by reminding myself to stay positive, practicing deep breathing, and learning to let customer complaints roll off my shoulder.

     What goals will you make to help you have a positive new year? You can find hope in a troubled world. What can you do to make your 2021 positive for yourself? Making goals and striving for a happy year will help you fight off depression and anxiety. It will give you hope and strength. Don’t sit in front of the morning and evening news listening to the COVID statistics and let your soul drop into hopelessness. Find hope by making the goal to have a positive 2021.

     I’m going to work hard at achieving my goals and looking for the positivity in the new year. 2021 will be a wonderful year, even with the pandemic, because I have my goals to strive for. My positive goals will hold me up in the light of 2021.


  1. Hi Aimee,
    Thanks for the shout out! I think giving your family and friends special messages to let them know you care is a wonderful idea.
    My goals for this year are to complete my Second Sight book, my dad’s book, and to find extra income so I can afford my Virtual Assistant and not worry so much about finances. I will be sending out more articles. Hopefully, they will get published. I also would like to guest post once a month and do a podcast at least once a month. So that’s a pretty tall order.
    Great post! Thanks for sharing your goals.


    • Amy,
      Thanks for your comment. You have some great goals. I know you can accomplish them!! I need to add guest posts and podcasts to my goals.


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