Tears I shed for a special soul

Who battled cancer with a smile

A smile that glowed

With rays of unbounding kindness

Cancer ravaged her body

Yet she smiled

Chemo weakened her

Yet she never complained

She coped with crafts

Sore fingers made wreaths, bracelets, and keychains

She could no longer work

Money was tight

Yet she gave gifts

Simple texts and hugs

Socks and mementos

Her radiant soul touched mine

I shed a tear of sadness yet one of joy

Dear Tiffani fly free

Free of sickness and pain

You were an angel on earth

Now an angel in heaven

You touched many

Your essence will remain

Within my soul

My life forever touched by yours

Tiffani Staley March 12 2021

6 thoughts on “FLY FREE

  1. Hi Aimee,
    Yes, beautiful, indeed!
    My sister was that sort of person. Always giving with her constant smile.
    Advice. Just a few words. I could hardly hear her, but never missed her smile. If we gave her a simple muffin, you’d have thought we brought her great riches. She was so happy about it, and savored it to eat later.
    I miss my sister. We said the same thing about her too, “Fly Free, Carolyn.” I can definitely relate to your poem. Thank you for sharing it. So sorry for your loss.
    Amy xx


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