I’ve been recovering from carpal tunnel surgery. I need the surgery in both hands but decided to do my right hand, my dominant hand first. I use my right hand to do all my writing, woodburning, eating and texting. It’s important to me to keep in contact with my support team, and many of them I connect with by texting and instant messenger. This is the first time I’ve felt brave enough to type this post. So, it may be short.

     After surgery my hand was wrapped in gauze and a ace bandage for 48 hours. After I took the bandage off, I was only able to move my fingers so they wouldn’t get stiff. I had to do everything one-handed with my left hand. I had to find a new way to keep in contact with my support team. I decided to use dictation. That little microphone on your keypad can be a bit of a pain. My friend Cheryl found it fun to translate my messages.

     Here are a few messages that were mistranslated and got a good laugh from my friends.

  • “It sucks,” came out, “It’s sex.”
  • “I found my glasses,” came out, “I found my foot.”
  • “I miss my writing,” came out, “You’re annoying.”
  • “Trying to cope the best I can,” came up, “I’m trying to poop the best I can.”
  • And a few swear words randomly appeared in my messages.

I never understood why my husband always cussed at his phone when he uses the microphone until now. It is frustrating, but it gave my friends a good laugh and me, too. Most importantly I was able to keep a connection with my support team.

     Part of healing from surgery and keeping in the light of recovery is being able to connect with the people who listen to me, support me, and encourage me. Having a support team keeps me going.

     Choose your support team carefully and always make sure you have a way to contact them when you need to. Pick people you trust the most like family, friends, a teacher, or therapist. My support team is my husband, my parents, and several friends. When things make it hard for you to contact your support tea,m find a way to stay connected even if it’s through dictation into a microphone on your cell phone.

     Now I am finally able to use my right hand and my texts are not as funny. Keeping connected with my support team keeps me in the light of recovery.

4 thoughts on “A NEW WAY TO CONNECT

    • Cheryl,
      Thank you for reading. Some of the messages that came out we were funny. I know I can always count on you. Thank you for always supporting me.


  1. I’m glad the surgery was successful and your healing is coming along fast enough to be back on WP! As a lefty I had to learn to do many things right-handed… but my husband is so right hand dominant that he would starve if he couldn’t use his right hand!


    • Murisopsis,
      Thank you for reading and your well wishes. It was difficult to do things left handed. I made a mess out of myself trying to eat. Doing better now.


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