In elementary and high school, I disappeared into my imagination to escape the bullying I faced. It was so much easier than dealing with the real world. In my teenage years, I began to write down my daydreams and I put them in folders. I would put the title of the stories on the front of the folders. I would sit for hours writing and escaping into a world I could control. When a teacher told me I was talented, I began to enter contests and submit to magazines. It was also when I started to dream of having my own book published.

In seventh grade I wrote stories for the school magazine and by ninth grade I had my first story published in Creative Words magazine a magazine that published stories written by kids of all ages. I had several short stories, news articles, and essays published since then. I even had my own column in a local newspaper.

In 2019 Alexander Kovarovic asked if he could put two of my essays in his book Change Your Life. He told me it would be an advice book for teens. I was excited and honored. I had already been writing blog posts for his nonprofit organization and he loved my work. It wasn’t my own book, but it was a steppingstone. It’s a publishing credit that will look good when I’m ready to send my own manuscript out to publishers.

In 2019 the book came out with my essays in it, one on bullying and the other on depression. Alexander sold me copies of the book at a lower price. I in turn sold the book to friends and family. I signed the books and indicated the pages my essays were on. I felt like an official author signing books and selling them. The money I made from the sales helped pay for a partial scholarship to Saint Davids Christian Writers Conference.

I also had a chance to do a book signing at a craft fair in my hometown, but unfortunately it wasn’t advertised well and not too many people showed up. I sold one book. It was disappointing. I had bought several copies of the book that for a few years sat in my office slash storage room gathering dust. Until recently.

My friend and fellow author Amy Bovaird told me she was setting up a book signing and invited me to join her and two other authors. She said I could sell and sign the book I’m published in, Change Your Life. It’s good practice for when my own book comes out. I must do my own advertising for this book signing. I have sent out numerous invitations online and have told several people about the book signing. Several said they will try to come.

So here is my invitation to all of you who live in the Erie area. Please come help me take another step in my writing career. The book signing is November 10, 2p.m. to 5 p.m. at The Crick, 236 West Main Street, Girard PA. It’s a Christmas theme so I will also be selling some of my woodburned Christmas ornaments. Come see me and three other authors.

My memoir is with a second editor who is doing an in depth edit. She is pointing out details I didn’t think about. It’s taking some time. She does the edits and sends me the chapters with suggestions and her corrections. I make some corrections and send it back to her. Then she makes the actual edits in the manuscript. I’m glad she’s picking out these details. I want my manuscript to be the best it can be.

In time I will be selling and signing my own book. For now, I am learning the process of selling and marketing by participating in book signings like I will be doing on November 10.

When I was a kid, I wrote to escape the pain in me and the bullying I faced. Now I write about my own experiences to educate and help others. I advocate against bullying and I advocate for those with mental illness through my writing. I think God gave me the talent to write to help others. My essays in Alexander’s book were written based on my own experiences. You must buy the book to find out how valuable they are to all who face depression and bullying.

I fought many battles and have struggled through some very hard times to reach out to the world and touch them with my writing, and this helps me shine within the light of recovery.

5 thoughts on “YOU’RE INVITED

  1. Hi Aimee,
    Excellent post! Wonderful description of how the writing process has enabled you to get through tough bullying situations. It’s an exciting period in your life. I’m so glad you’ll be at the book signing!


    • Amy,
      Thank you. As you could tell from my memoir I used my imagination to escape the abuse. When I started putting my writing on paper it flourished.
      Thank you for asking me to do the book signing. It will be even more exciting when my memoir comes out.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Murisopsis,
      If you want a copy of the book I’m published in it’s $15.00 plus $8.00 shipping. Let me know if you’re interested. I can send you a PayPal statement. Thank you.
      Aimee Eddy


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