With the holiday craziness I planned to post a older post but things didn’t work out. We surprised my parents with a TV for Christmas. My dad put it up and guess what? You guessed it the TV is broken. Only half the screen works. So I spent time at my parents and on the phone with my siblings working out on how to return the TV and get them a replacement. I think we have it figured out. Anyways I’m very sorry there is no post this week. Please enjoy New Years Eve and day. Be safe, enjoy yourself and may you all find the light in the new year.

Surprise we got you a broken TV for Christmas!!! I can’t help but laugh.

One thought on “HOLIDAY CRAZING

  1. Oh Aimee! When it rains it pours! I’m glad you have figured out how to get a replacement. I’m sure your parents will love the TV and it will become a story told over and over – such is the family lore… We got my FIL a t-shirt from a marijuana dispensary! He had to laugh as he’s been talking about going for over a year (but we doubt he’ll do it)!


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