In June of 2016 my dog Elli slipped a disk in her back which paralyzed her back end. She was in a lot of pain, and we had to make the awful decision to put her down. I took her death harshly and I cried over the phone to my mom, telling her I couldn’t keep putting my baby dogs down. I told her I was never getting another dog again. As time passed my grief lessened and Lou insisted we start looking for another dog. He knew I needed the emotional support a dog gave me.

In November we started making trips to a local animal shelter. We looked at several dogs, but none of them was right. Many of the dogs were big ones and I wanted one that would snuggle up on my lap. We kept up our search. A few days after Thanksgiving we went back to the shelter. Lou went to the bathroom. He told me to go ahead and look around and when he was done, we’d choose a dog together.

I walked around looking at dogs of several sizes. Then all the dogs began barking except for this little black dog with white on her face, paws. and belly. She shied away in the corner of her cage. I walked over and read the name on the cage. It said her name was Esther and she was two years old. My heart melted and it was like God whispered in my ear, “She’s the one I made for you.”

When Lou came in from the bathroom, I pointed at Esther and said, “I want her.”

Lou looked at me. “I thought we were choosing together. I haven’t even had a chance to look around.”

“I know, but she’s the one. See if you can find someone,” I said.

Lou wasn’t so sure about Esther, but he went and got a worker at the shelter. We took her to a small room where we could hold her and see how she reacted to us. She went straight to me. She gave me kisses and snuggled up in my arms. That day we adopted her. When we took her home, she didn’t want much to do with Lou. Lou wasn’t sure if he liked her, but in time she warmed up to him. She started laying her head on his chest and nudging his hand with her nose until he petted her.

I decided that having children with my mental illness would not be a good idea. With my anxiety and struggles with handling stress, taking care of a baby would have been too much. Then postpartum depression would have been crippling for me. My dogs became the only children I could have. When we adopted Esther, she became our child. Plus, she, like my prior dogs, became my therapy dog. 

Esther is a snuggler. She loves to snuggle up on my lap and nudge my hand until I pet her. She gets mad at me if I have something other than her on my lap. I sit on the couch with my computer on a lap desk to do my writing. She sits at the other end staring at me, and when I look up at her she turns away. It’s as if she’s saying, “Mommy, how dare you have that thing on your lap. That’s my place.”

Esther loves visitors. When people come to visit, she runs to them and stands on her back legs begging for attention. When people sit on our couch, she goes from lap to lap for pets. She loves people. When we go for walks, she allows all the neighborhood kids to give her pets.

Esther is a very quiet and well-mannered dog. She hardly ever barks, and when she does it surprises us. She doesn’t bark at me when she’s hungry. Instead, she jumps up and down on me like I’m a trampoline. She loves to give me kisses. She also thinks she must clean me by licking my clothes.

When I cry, she lays her head on my chest and nudges me until I pet her. When I was laid up from surgeries, she sat at my side and refused to leave me. My husband had to feed her on the couch beside me and carry her outside to go potty. She follows me around the house even to the bathroom. She lies beside the tub when I take a shower. At night she sleeps in her own bed and when Lou goes to work in the morning, she gets in bed with me and sleeps beside me.

One day Lou and I went to our great niece’s birthday party and when we came home, we saw blood in her crate. It was a Sunday, and no vets were open, so I called the emergency vet. They said to make sure I got her into my vet the next day, but my vet was booked. I called all over Erie until I found a vet that would take her. The vet examined her, got a urine sample, and took a sonogram. They showed us the sonogram image. Our baby girl had a stone in her bladder the size of an egg. She’s only a thirteen-pound dog. They gave us medication and told us of a prescription food to help break down the stone.

A week later she was still bleeding a lot when she peed, so we took her back. The vet took a urine sample to send to a lab and said her stone was getting bigger and she needs surgery. My husband’s hours were cut badly at work, and he just started a second job. Money has been tight. Paying for her surgery would be a struggle, but we are willing to do anything to get our baby better. So, we started a Gofundme account. So far, we have raised $700.00 of the $1000.00 we need.

Esther is our baby and my therapy dog. We will do whatever it takes to get her better. Esther’s love and snuggles keeps me standing in the light of recovery.

If you would like to donate towards getting Esther better, here is the link to her Gofundme account. Fundraiser by Aimee Eddy : Help Esther get surgery (

2 thoughts on “ESTHER

    • Murisopsis,
      Esther had the surgery today. We got most of what we needed for her surgery. She’s sleeping a lot and sore, but the surgery went well. Thank you.


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