Four years of writing my memoir, reliving good and bad memories, and then more time working on editing will soon end. I have set a launch date and I’m planning a launch party. God has been good. He has been working his miracles to help my book get published. I know he wants my story to be told, and he has been sending me wonderful people to help me get my book out there for people to read.

I am self-publishing my book. When I tell people that they ask me, “How are you going to come up with the money for that?” My answer is through the grace of God. He has given me two wonderful editors for free and another author who created my cover and will format my memoir. He has allowed me to sell my woodburnings to put a side for the launch party, publicity, and other things I need. He has given me wonderful friends and family who have been supporting me through the whole process. God wants my story to be told and soon that will happen.

I have seven beta readers reading my manuscript right now. Beta readers are people who read the manuscript to check for any errors the editors may have missed and to make sure it flows well. I have three people giving me endorsements; these are a strong sentence or two that tells good things about the book. I’m currently working with Pennwriters, a national writing group, to fine tune my back blurb, which is the paragraph on the back cover that talks about the book, and I’m working on the about the author section.

Everything is coming together nicely. I just recently revealed my book cover on Facebook. This Wednesday a friend of my husband is going to take a head shot of me to put in my book and for me to use for publicity. A member of the Yacht Club where my husband works is sponsoring me to have my launch party there. The only way a nonmember can have a party there is if a member sponsors you. Right now, I’m trying to design my own invitations for the party and put together a list of people to invite. Step by step everything is coming together, and God is leading the way.

I have set my launch date for August 17. I am so excited I can barely wait. It’s been my dream since high school to have my own book published. I made many attempts at trying to write a book, but never succeeded until now. I think the biggest reason I have completed this memoir is my husband. Each night before he went to bed, he encouraged me to write. When I came to bed, he’d ask me how many pages I wrote. When I felt like giving up, he pushed me to keep going. He gave that extra boost I needed to finish this book. Pennwriters also is a big part of completing my book, they helped me fine tune my writing skills and grow as an author.

I owe a lot to my parents also. Since I realized I could write way back in seventh grade, they have been very encouraging. My mom used to be the first person to read all my writing. I would spend hours in my room writing out a short story and then I would take it to my mom to read. She would point out any mistakes I made and praise me on what a wonderful job I did. I filled folders and notebooks with stories. Mom loved every one of them, and when a story was published or I won a contest, my parents were the first to congratulate me. My dad told me when I became a famous author some day, I could buy him his own airport. Dad loves to fly small airplanes.

My grandparents were also very supportive of my writing. I was always excited to share my writing with them. They to believed in my ability to go far with my work. Grandma never wrote a book or short story, but she crafted wonderful letters that could put tears in your eyes. Her words were beautifully written, and I believe I got my talent to write from her. My parents were the first to get anything I was published in, and my grandparents were second.

It’s because of my parents’ and grandparents’ support and belief in me that I kept pursuing the dream to be a published author. It’s because of my husband’s extra push to finish this manuscript that I’m about to have a published book. God gave me these wonderful people to help me to help me along. That’s why my book will be dedicated to them.

My dreams of having a book published is coming true and I couldn’t be more excited than I am. I’ll be dancing when my published book arrives in the mail. I plan to have my husband take a picture of me holding it. In high school I daydreamed about holding my published book and doing book signings. That daydream is about to become a reality.

I hope to work with the grocery store where I’ve worked nearly 27 years to have a book signing. I know I can sell plenty of copies because many customers and fellow employees know I have been working on a book. Some of my customers have been getting progress reports on it through the years. I have been keeping the store manager up to date on the progress of my book. I believe it will be great for Giant Eagle to have their own cashier as a published author.

Once the book is published, I must market it and set up my own book signing. I know that many of my published author friends will give me lots of advice. The work is never done. Even when the book is published. From what I have been told, marketing it is the hardest part. I’m ready for a new challenge.

My parents always told me that dreams come true if you’re willing to work hard at it. They are right. My dream is about to come true. I am going to have my first book published. Because of all the wonderful people God put in my life, I stand in the light as a proud author about to have her book published.

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