A good father is a special man who loves his children endlessly and gives unconditionally. Not every man is a good father. Some fail at that role or were never meant to be a dad in the first place, but there are many men who take up the role as if they were born for it. A dad’s role is important in a child’s life and even in an adult’s life. A father never stops being a dad no matter old a person gets. He never stops being a hero.

My dad is one of those men who took on father hood as if he were born for it. When we were kids, he worked long hours at the family garage, but still found some free time to teach us, play with us, and love us. My brother, younger sister and I went to work with my dad at the family garage. Going to work with Dad was special to me. It was a chance to spend extra time with the man who worked hard for his family, a man I admired. On his free time, he swung us in circles, gave us piggyback rides, played kick ball and whiffle ball with us, and tickled us. He taught us to work hard for what we want and to cherish what we have no matter how small it is.

My dad is the type of man who would give what very little he has to help someone in need. He is also the most hardworking man I know. Whenever my husband and I have a problem with our car or home, my dad is willing to help. He has repaired my cars even before I met my husband. In my college years my cars broke down just about anywhere between my home and college which were a hour apart. My dad always came to my rescue. He hooked a chain from his pickup to my car and towed me home. He put engines, transmissions, carburetors, and so on in my cars. I can’t count how many engines he put in my cars. Even though I am now married, he has still offers to do repairs on my cars although the repairs are more minor than my younger years.

There isn’t much my father can’t do. He can fix cars, lawn mowers, private airplanes, and do home repairs and remodeling. He’s a very talented man. He put windows in our homes. One window in our living room we bought was bigger than the old one. My dad worked hard at making it fit. He had to take out some bricks, but he made it fit beautifully. My dad and his friend repaired our garage roof and when I was preparing for back surgery he and his friend put a new hot water tank in our basement. When I had breast cancer, we got a note from the township about our sidewalk being uneven. My dad and his friend fixed it.

When we got our home, the tiles in our kitchen floor were broken in spots. As the years went by the tiles broke even more, sticking to our feet and shoes. Before we knew it, we were tracking pieces of it around our home. Just recently my father offered to put a floor in our kitchen and we gladly accepted. I had popped a joint out in my hip and was off work when my dad and his friend decided to put the flooring in. My dad even let me pick out the flooring. The two men worked hours on end for a week to put in a new floor. They found several holes under the old flooring and even had to patch those up. In the end they put in a beautiful floor.

I admire my dad for how hard he works, for his endless kindness, for his ability to do many things, and his loving heart. I may not always agree with my dad, but I look up to him. He supports my writing and loves me without end. He’s a special man and God made him to be my father. I thank God for him each day. His determination and kindness have inspired me to give to others and to fight for what I believe in.

No matter how sick I got with my mental illness he never turned his back on me. He may not have completely understood my illness, but he has always been supportive and encouraging. He was and is always there when I need him. My father is more than my dad; he’s my hero. I thank God for him each day.

Because I have such a wonderful dad who is always there for me, I stand in the light of recovery, a well-loved woman with strength and determination.

6 thoughts on “FATHER’S DAY

  1. Hi Amy,
    your dad sounds like a wonderful man. I hope to meet him one day.
    Thank you for sharing about all of his great qualities. It’s no wonder why you turned out so good!
    I love you,


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