Dreams come true!! In high school when I discovered I had the ability to write, I dreamed of having a book published. I studied writing, I went to writing conferences, and I read books on writing. I studied writing like it was a requirement to graduate from school. I attempted to write a book, but it didn’t work out. I wrote short stories until about five years ago when I started writing my first book. I struggled with reliving bad memories, I struggled with my confidence in my ability to write a book, and I struggled with my learning disability to edit my own writing, but I wrote my book.

I learned a lot in my journey of writing my memoir, Escape to the Garage: Family Love Overcomes Bullying. I grew as an author and as a person. With each new chapter my writing improved and with each memory I relived a wound in my soul healed. This has been a long process, because to write about the bullying I had to relive it. While reliving it, I had to take breaks from my writing. The tears fell, the pain burned, and a piece of my heart ripped open. With each word I put on paper I learned how to fill the pages with not only emotions but with happiness.

In high school I daydreamed about having my first book published, giving speeches, and signing books. I dreamed of signing books for the teachers and classmates who bullied me. I imagined writing, “You said I couldn’t read yet I wrote a book. I forgive you.” Part of that dream is coming true.

My dream is becoming a reality. Escape to the Garage: Family Love Overcomes Bullying was published on Kindle on Saturday night and on Sunday the print version became available. You can get your Kindle version for $4.99 and print version for #15.99 at https:amzn.to/3vatPTU.

I’m flying high. It is so neat to see my very own book on Kindle. It’s a wonderful feeling to have all my hard work and my dream becoming a reality. The last few weeks I have been driving my friends and my husband nuts. I don’t do good with stress. A lot of problems delayed getting the formatted manuscript finished. I had planned for it to be done sooner. I tormented myself with obsessive worrying and anxiety. I even angered the person kind enough to format my manuscript and make my cover.

I thought I had a well-edited manuscript when I sent it for formatting. I had two editors and several beta readers. I edited it several times and I read over it multiple times and yet I missed things. Because of my learning disability I have a hard time editing and finding mistakes. The lady editing it, Susan, found some errors and said I should have it proofread. A proofreader had problems with her computer and couldn’t continue. Susan proofread from chapter 16 on. I had to find someone to proof chapter 1 to 15. I emailed all my writer friends until I found someone. This put a big delay in getting my book ready for publication. I became a wreck.

I learned some important things through this process: I learned not to plan a book launch party until I have the manuscript formatted. I learned to have extra beta readers and proofreaders read over my book before I send it for formatting. I learned to be patient with the people who are helping me out, and I learned that I need new coping techniques for dealing with stress.

Through the trials and errors and years of writing, growing, and learning, my dream has become a reality. Just seeing my book on Kindle made my heart flutter. Soon I will be signing books and maybe I’ll be signing books purchased by my former bullies. I’m so happy and excited that I feel like dancing and shouting in joy.

Making my dream come true has me dancing in the light of recovery.

My book is a memoir about how I was bullied at school and found the strength and acceptance I needed at the family garage.

Be sure to get your Kindle or print version now https:amzn.to/3vatPTU



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