Last week we went to my best friend Cheryl Miller’s. We got home late Friday night. The whole time I struggled with a cold, but we still had a wonderful time. Due to all the traveling and still struggling with a cold I didn’t feel up to writing a blog post. I plan on writing one next week.

While on the trip my friend and I hit up some craft stores. I got some nice projects to woodburn. So check out Aimee’s Woodburnings on Facebook groups to see what new woodburnings I come up with.

Until next week keep reaching for the light of recovery.


2 thoughts on “NO POST THIS WEEK

    • Murisopsis,
      Thank you. I went to the doctor today and my cold turned into a sinus infection. Antibiotics should knock it out of me. I had a wonderful time with my friend.
      Aimee Eddy


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