Here in Pennsylvania Fall has settled in with changing weather. We go from warm temperatures to cold. The saying here in my area is, “In a blink of an eye go from summer to spring to fall to winter.” The changing weather causes a lot of problems with sicknesses and allergies. Within a matter of about six weeks, I went from an asthma flare up to a cold and now a sinus infection. My husband and I went to Chazy, New York, to visit my friend Cheryl, and the whole time I struggled with a cold, but we still had a blast. Then I came home, and the doctor said I now have a sinus infection. Therefore, I haven’t written a new blog post in a little while. I’m taking antibiotics and getting better.

I thought I would do a little different blog post than usual. I have been wracking my brain and struggling with my computer to figure out how to set up a subscription button on my website for a newsletter. Writers use newsletters to keep in contact with their readers and to let the readers know about the authors’ writing adventures. I have failed at putting the subscription button on my site. I decided this post will be like a newsletter.

Since my book was published in July, I have sold 90 books on Amazon and 97 books myself. I couldn’t be prouder of my book, but since I have been focused on my first book, I haven’t taken any steps towards writing another book. I have plans to turn some of my blog posts into a book. My friend Roberta agreed to organize my posts for me and to help me with this book. Roberta has been editing each of my blog posts since I started blogging. She catches all my errors before I post. I owe her a lot of thanks. She has her hands full organizing my posts.

I do have plans for a second memoir. I plan to write one about the years after the family garage. There are events that happened after the garage that are very difficult to write about. I pushed through the pain to write my first book and will push through the pain to write my second memoir. Writing my first book was extremely difficult, yet healing, and so will writing my second memoir. Right now, I am writing down memories on index cards. When I’m ready to write my book, I will organize the index cards into a timeline and decide which chapters they will go in.

Right now, I’m working hard at learning to market Escape to the Garage: Family Love Overcomes Bullying. I’m staying busy on social media posting about my book, I’m telling my customers about my book, and I’m setting up events. A local newspaper, Erie Times News, published an article about me and this has gotten me a lot of attention from my customers. They are excited to have their cashier be a published author. My fellow employees are excited, too. They posted the news article by the time clock.

November 12, this coming Saturday, I will take part in a multi-author book signing at Barnes and Noble, in Erie from 11 5 p.m., sponsored by Pennwriters. Pennwriters is a nation-wide writing organization I belong to. If you live in the Erie area, come and see me and the other authors.

November 30 I will give a speech and sig books at Blasco Library in Erie from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.. I will talk about how bullying affects the victims and bullying prevention. I will also sell my own woodburned leather bracelets that say, “Stop Bullying.”

I have five copies of my book at Werner Books a bookstore in Liberty Plaza, Erie. My chiropractor, Steve Krauza, has allowed me to put some books for sale in his office. This Wednesday I stopped at a bookstore on West Eighth Street in Erie, and once the manager comes back from a trip, a few of my books will be on sale there. If you live out of town you can get my book on Amazon at You can also go to the home page of this site and click on the picture of my book and it will take you to Amazon to order your book.

I’m looking into more places to give speeches and sell my book. I think we all need to work together to get the word out that bullying is wrong, and we need to put an end to it. Bullying causes mental health problems, anger problems, suicide, and much more. It happens in our schools, online, workplaces, communities and in churches. I can’t completely put an end to bullying, but I hope I can reach out and help others who are being bullied and those who were bullied, educate people, and bring awareness to the damage it causes.

Let’s stand up together to stop bullying.


2 thoughts on “AIMEE’S WRITING NEWS

  1. I subscribe to a blog that puts out a newsletter that is emailed to the subscribers. I have subscribed but prefer when she posts the newsletter on her blog – it is easier to read and I get it quicker than waiting for the newsletter in my email inbox! I hope your are on the way to better health – I know how bad a sinus infection can make you feel!!


    • Murisopsis,
      Thank you for the input. I am improving and starting to sound like myself. Hopefully I’ll be back to normal by Saturday for the book signing.


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