Christmas is only a few days away. Everyone is rushing around getting their last-minute gifts and meal fixings and wrapping presents. Stockings are being hung and people are traveling to spend the holiday with their family. Families are getting ready to practice their holiday traditions. After Christmas we prepare to welcome in the New Year.

In elementary school I dreaded Christmas. For me it was the most depressing holiday. Every year we picked a classmate’s name to buy a gift for. For my classmates it seemed like a contest to see who could outdo the gag gift given by the person who got me the year before. I was the joke of my class. When I opened the gift, they laughed and pointed at me. All I wanted was a nice present like everyone else, but instead I got a can with a snake popping out of it or a whoopie cushion or some other gag gift. I swallowed my tears and became a miserable person for my family to be around.

Now as an adult I can’t wait until Christmas. My husband makes it a point to spoil me with gifts, love, and acceptance. I love gifts just like everyone else, but the love and acceptance means so much more. I’m no longer the joke of the class. I’m now the sparkle in my husband’s eyes. I can see his eyes glow as I open the gifts he buys me. I enjoy giving him thank you kisses and snuggles. No one laughs at me anymore. No longer the reject, I’m the queen of my husband’s heart.

I can’t wait until Christmas morning to see what he got me this year and to snuggle with him.

I’m also preparing for the new year. My book has been doing quite well. I have sold one hundred and twelve books on Amazon and one hundred and twenty-two books myself. I will always remember 2022 as the year my dream to publish a book came true.

When I was in school, I barely talked and when I had to talk in front of people, I got extremely nervous and made mistakes. As an adult I’ve been too shy to even read my writing in progress to the Pennwriters group. Since I have had my book published, I had a book launch party and two speaking events. For all three I never planned my speeches. I calmly stood before people and spoke from the heart. Fighting against bullying is very important and means a lot to me. I’m proud of how far I have come and I’m proud to stand up before people and to speak up to fight against bullying.

I have lots of plans and up and coming events for the new year. On January 14 from 1-3 p.m., I will be signing books at Werner books in Liberty Plaza, Erie. One of my regular customers is the head of Lawrence Park Historical Society and he asked me to speak to the society on January 16. Lawrence Park is the small township I live in. On February 25, I will be speaking and signing books at MCcord Library in North East at 10 a.m. I plan on contacting some schools to set up more speaking events. I also would like to talk to youth groups at churches.

I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas with my husband and my family, and I can’t wait for an exciting 2023. Speaking of Christmas, a book is an excellent gift. Just a suggestion for a last minute present. I’m proud to say my book is available on Amazon, at Werner Books in Liberty Plaza in Erie, at Pressed Books on West 8th street in Erie, and at Steve Krauza Chiropractor, on East Lake road Erie PA.

This Christmas give a special gift to someone who may not get one. When I was a kid, my mom made fruit baskets for people in our hometown who didn’t have much. She or one of us kids would knock on the door, leave the basket, and run away. Is there someone you know who could use a surprise gift? Make someone’s Christmas special by sharing the love deep in your heart. Make a sad soul sparkle.

Plan the new year with lots of fun and exciting adventures. Plan to try new things and reach to make your dreams come true.

Merry Christmas!!!


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  1. Merry Christmas Aimee! Wow! Your book is selling like crazy – a huge Congratulations!! We did a gift exchange once (and only once) in school. There was a mean girl and she got the name of my best friend. Her gift was a pair of dirty moldy underwear. I think even the teacher was shocked. My friend immediately tossed it all into the trash. Luckily I got a bag of M&Ms and we split them… I just don’t understand what kind of meanness some people are infected with!


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