Happy Valentine’s Day. Some say it’s a day created by sores and restaurants to sell products. Some see it as an ordinary day while others see it as a special day to celebrate love. Those who are lonely and don’t have a special someone may find Valentine’s Day depressing.

Before I met my husband, I used to get depressed on Valentine’s Day. I imagined the perfect man to sweep me off my feet and shower me with gifts and love. For the longest time I thought there was no special man for me. I hated watching others celebrate and talk about the special day they had. I felt alone and unwanted. My prince charming didn’t exit, so I thought.

In my school years boys picked on me and in my adult years I waded through bad relationships. After my one ex I swore off men and figured that no man could ever handle my mental illness. I made plans to live with my parents and after they were gone, I hoped to live with my younger sister. Love wasn’t meant for me. I would live my life single.

That all changed when I met my husband, Lou. My husband spoils me with love every day. None of my exs were as generous as Lou. One boyfriend bought me gifts, told me the prices, and told me to take good care of them. When we broke up, I destroyed the gifts. Lou bought me stuff without worrying about the cost. He gave from his heart. Plus, Lou gives the gifts that money can’t buy: kisses before he goes to work in the morning, cuddles at bed time, snuggles on the couch while watching TV, helping me down the stairs of our porch when it’s wet or icy, and much more.

Lou never forgets a holiday. He’s a romantic. He never ceases to surprise me. Even though he shows me his endless love continuously, he loves to make Valentine’s Day magical. The days of loneliness and depression on February 14 are gone. Now I feel loved, cherished, and special. I no longer hate Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait to find out what surprise he has in store for me.

When you love someone, you show them every day. You don’t need a holiday to do it, but still Valentine’s Day can be fun. Some married couples may need a day to remind each other of their loves. Married couples can get caught in ruts. They become so busy with their jobs and duties that they forget to stop and spend extra time together. Valentine’s Day can be the day to rekindle those flames.

You don’t have to have a significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can give flowers to the people in your life that you love and care about. Give a card or candy to a friend, buy flowers for your mother, spend the day hanging out with family, and so on. Don’t let today put you into sadness. Celebrate the special people in your life. It’s not just a day to celebrate romance, but a day to celebrate love. Love can be shared with anyone in your life that mean a lot to you. Celebrate loving yourself. Buy yourself flowers, go for a nice dinner, or take a day to sit in your PJs and watch movies.

Love is in the air. Let’s celebrate everyone we love. Celebrating the love of my friends, family and Lou on Valentine’s Day helps me dance in the light of recovery. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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