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Welcome to my site. I’d like to take you out of darkness and point you towards the light: the light of change, the light of recovery and the light of rising above. There is no room for defeat or giving up on this journey. Only fighters can move forward. Are you a fighter? Will you fight to rise above bullying, reach recovery from mental illness and face life’s challenges head on?

Bullying happens every day in our schools and online. It is a big problem that needs to be addressed. Many children fall into depression and other mental illnesses. Some go as far as committing suicide. The effect of bullying reaches into adulthood leaving them with wounds that take years to heal. Those who are bullied also struggle with self-esteem and other psychological issues. It takes years of therapy and hard work to heal those wounds. Are you willing to fight past the pain to find the light?

Are you one of those who are struggling to face another day of school? Are you an adult wrestling with the after effects of bullying? Do you face each day forcing yourself to get out of bed? Do you wonder if your life will always be in darkness? Do you think your life is trapped in mental illness? If so, I’ll let you in on a secret, recovery is possible!

Come with me on a journey into bullying, mental illness and breast cancer. Follow me into the battle to rise above bullying, climbing out of darkness into the light of recovery from mental illness and through the fight against breast cancer. There is no hole too deep to pull yourself out of.