How many people make resolutions the for New Year and actually keep them? Not many. I stopped making resolutions because I can never stick to them. When it comes to recovering from mental illness, it’s best to skip the resolution and instead make a commitment. If we commit our souls, our determination, and our very being towards reaching recovery, then we are more likely going to keep to it. You need to make a vow to yourself that you will do whatever it takes to stand above the dark hole. If you’re in recovery, commit yourself to working on an area of your illness you still struggle with.

   This New Year I decided to commit myself to work on my worrying. Even though I’m in recovery, I still have mental illness and I still struggle with some aspects of my illness. Worrying is my biggest problem. I worry about everything and usually I have no reason to. Everything always turns out for the best, even though I worry it won’t. In 2017, I’m going to commit myself to fighting those worries, but this doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a step by step process.

   The first worry I’m going to concentrate on controlling is my worry about my ankle surgery. The first step I’m going to take is each time I start thinking about it, I am going to tell myself to stop and try to concentrate on something else. For the second step, I’m going to write down my worry and how it helps me or how it hurts me. Third, I am going to pray to the Lord and ask him to take my worry into his hands. Fourth, I’m going to turn to friends and family to help point out when I’m worrying too much and to remind me to stop.

   The process of fighting my worrying will not be easy, but if I’m committed to it, then I will put all of my willpower and determination into fighting it. I’m not just going to decide to defeat this; I’m going to strive to. Each day I’m going to follow the steps to stop my endless worries until I can learn to control them better.

   Like fighting my worries, fighting mental illness has to be taken step by step. First, you must accept you are ill. Second, you must decide you want to get better. Third, you must seek help. Fourth, you must fight. In order to make a commitment to get better, you must have already taken the first step. You can’t pledge to reach the light until you have accepted that you have an illness. Once you decide to get better, then make the commitment.

   So in 2017, change your New Year’s resolution to reach recovery into a commitment, and make it the most important fight you ever fought. Do it for yourself, do it for a chance to find happiness, and do it for a chance to live in the light. Don’t allow yourself to back away or become discouraged from your commitment. Stick to it through the rough times, through the slips backwards, and through life’s challenges. Focus on getting better and fight for it with all the strength you have within you. It’s a big step, but you can do it.

   This year I will fight my worries, and in time I will take control of them. It is my commitment to take control of my thoughts and ease my fears. Because I decided to pledge all of me into this fight, I will continue to remain within the light.

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