Dreams can be meaningless creations of the subconscious, but sometimes dreams come from something that happen in your past or something your subconscious is trying to work out. Dreams can also be flashbacks of a traumatic event. The world the mind creates while we’re sleeping can be a mystery, but when they become regular and start triggering old feelings and inner anguish, then it’s time to see what in your life might be triggering the night time journeys.


   For several nights I tossed around in my bed. My mind wandered into the realms of the dream world. I was being touched in a way I didn’t like by a person I know would never hurt me. I called out for Lou in my dream and he was nowhere around. I cried for help, but my pleas went unheard. Then suddenly my alarm clock went off and the dream faded away. I turned my alarm to snooze and reached for Lou, but he had already left for work. I pulled my legs to my chest. I cradled myself until the anguish within me subsided.

   What could my dreams mean? I texted my friend Kelly and told her about my dreams. She suggested I journal about it. I also discussed my dreams with my friend Roberta. With the help of these two friends I started to analyze the meaning behind my late night journey into the subconscious. My dreams relate back to a time when I was abused. A friend’s news triggered my dreams and for some reason I dreamed my friend was the abuser even though I knew she would never do such a thing.


   So why would I dream this friend would hurt me? For some reason her news stirred up memories of the abuse I undergone years ago. For an unknown reason my subconscious mind replaced the person who abused me with somebody I care about. Maybe because it was a person I cherished who originally hurt me. Then again it could be just the mind playing games.

   A while back my therapist helped me deal with what happened to me and I thought I had a good handle on it. The thing is abuse of any kind leaves a scar on the mind that never goes away. You can never forget, no matter how hard you try. You can place it in the back of your mind and go on with your life, but sometimes it resurfaces in a flashback, a dream or a memory. The important thing is not to allow it to bring you back down into your dark hole. You can rise above it.

   If your dreams are more than a creation of the subconscious and they bring up feelings of pain, sadness, anguish and so on, then take steps to find out there meaning. Talk to your therapist about your dream, discuss it with a friend or family member, and journal about it. Then find ways to cope with the feelings and bad memories the dream may create. Journal about your feelings and memories, talk to someone, remind yourself you are in control, and remember you rose above it once and can do it again.


   I’m still sorting out my dreams and coping with the memories they brought up. I’m taking steps to deal with the pain of the past that has resurfaced, and because I am doing this, I will stay within the light.

2 thoughts on “THE MYSTERY OF DREAMS

  1. Maybe when something reminds you of all your past troubles, think of all the friends, true friends you have in your life now. And having a loving, caring husband doesn’t hurt, either. Hang in there Aimee!


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