Humans are talented. Most of us have many creative talents. Some can sew, some can paint, some can knit, some can quilt, and some can write. These talents can be used to help relieve symptoms of mental illness. You can also use your talents to help spread the word about mental illness, and, in the case of writing, you can tell the world your story, you can encourage others, inspire others, and teach others.


   I find it helpful to show how telling your story can reach others and also heal your inner pain. If you are not a writer, find other ways to share your stories, like drawing, but it’s important to show the world what mental illness is about: We are humans who happen to have an illness of the mind.

   This weekend was my writers’ group picnic. We were given words to create a short story, an essay, or a poem. Below is what I wrote.

   My life story is concealed in the words I place upon paper. I unfold my deepest secrets in a memoir of my life. I reveal the pain that to this day tears at my insides. With each word I erase my inner anguish and soak in the release of the past. My soul finally begins to mend, and the remaining sores begin to heal.


   I write about the crumble of my inner being. I hang my soul out for others to see. Some memories come in spurts and fragments. I take those spurts and fragments of my past and staple them together. With each memory, I burn bridges I once feared to cross. With words flowing from my pen, I flip my past into a story of strength, love, acceptance, and determination to overcome life’s struggles.

   I have shredded my buried pain and turned it into doodles of courage and strength. I write to reveal, touch, and encourage. I share my story, I open my life up on paper to reach out and touch others, to teach others, and to give my readers strength. To the world I give a message within the words I place on paper, a true story of my life I share with all.

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   If you have the talent to write, consider writing about your experiences with mental illness in a memoir, a story, an essay, or a blog. Don’t write just to inspire others, but also write to release your buried pain and inner anguish. Write to heal your wounded soul and release it from the burdens it has been carrying for years.

   You don’t have to write a memoir. You can even write a fictional story about mental illness. You’ve been through the illness so you’re more than qualified to use what you know to create fictional characters who suffer. It’s not easy to write your own story, but you can use your real story to help create a novel or short story. Many writers are taught, “Write what you know.” So use what you know to write a fictional piece of work.


   So no matter how you do it, fiction, memoir, essay, or in a blog post reach out to the world and educate them about mental illness, inspire others to reach for recovery and encourage others to ask for help. Burn those bridges that you have been too afraid to pass, allow those wounds to close,, and shout your story out to the world.

   If you can’t write then use your other talents to spread the word that we are like everyone else; we just suffer with an illness. Use your talents to help others who struggle and educate those who don’t understand.


   I’m writing a memoir about my downfall into mental illness. Through the process of writing this I have cried, I have gotten angry, and most importantly I have released pain that has harbored in my soul for years. I find writing my memoir healing, and since I have been able to mend past pain, I find myself enjoying the light even more.

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