This past Saturday was my husband’s sixtieth birthday. I didn’t know him for all the sixty years he’s been alive, but from the stories he and his family have told me, I believe he’s been awesome his whole life. He was raised in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, by his grandmother and grandfather. From what he told me about his grandmother, she was a wonderful woman who was more like a mother to him. She raised him into the awesome man he is. She raised a hardworking, determined, and kind man who is also a gentleman. He’s been through some rough times, but he has never let them drag him down.

Almost seventeen years ago a friend and co-worker, Sharon, told me about this guy whose fiancée had passed away. She wanted to introduce him to me. His fiancée was her stepdaughter and he lived in her basement. I had sworn off men after an abusive relationship and had figured no man could handle my mental illness. I believed I would spend my life alone living with my parents until they passed. Why would I want to go on a date with a man who just lost someone he planned on marrying? I didn’t want to be his rebound. He had to still be grieving. Besides, he would only hurt me and would never be able to handle my mental illness. I told Sharon no.

My therapist told me, “Give him a try. You can go on one date. Dating doesn’t mean you’re going to marry him.”

My friend Kelly said, “Why don’t you go on a date with him? Give it a try. It’s just a date and you haven’t dated in a long time.”

I gave in and agreed to one date. It was on that first date that I learned how awesome he is. I only planned on one date, but he sat beside me and made a promise I will never forget. He told me if I gave him a chance, he promised he would treat me like a woman, he would never hurt me, and he would always treat me like a queen and respect me. How could I turn away from a promise like that? The awesome part is he has kept that promise every day for the two years we dated and the fifteen years we have been married.

While dating, I told him about my mental illness, and I thought he would leave me, but he didn’t. Instead, he did couple therapy with me to learn how to help me. How awesome is that! He used what he learned to help me through my illness to recovery, and he uses it each time my illness gets the best of me. He always knows what to say and do to calm me down during rough times. If I’m bawling my eyes out, he holds me and whispers in my ear until I calm down. When my worries overtake my thinking and leads to an anxiety attack, he knows what to say to help me work through it and to take control of my anxiety. He is my positivity when I am negative. How awesome is that!

He’s taken care of me through seven of my surgeries. He has spent hours in waiting rooms and has sat at my side in hospital rooms. He has done some unpleasant things to take care of me after surgeries and never complained. He’s emptied drains after a mastectomy, he pushed me in a wheelchair after ankle surgery, he washed my hair over our kitchen sink after a couple of my surgeries, he’s changed bandages, and so much more. That is what I call a loyal and awesome husband.

He spoils me each day with love. I keep falling in love with him more and more. He always puts me first above himself and never wants a pat on the back for all he does for me. He never stops telling me how beautiful I am. He is the first man I have ever been with that made me feel beautiful and loved. Each day, every chance he gets he shows me his love and tells me he loves me.

I’m a needy person. I like lots of attention. It’s part of my mental illness. He fills my needs and gives me all the extra attention I need. He helps me with all my insecurities and lifts me up when I’m down. He is an awesome man, an awesome husband, an awesome friend and much more.

Help me in wishing the love of my life a happy awesome birthday and congratulating him on sixty years of being awesome. I stand in the light of recovery with my husband Lou standing at my side.


  1. Oh, Aimee! This brought tears to my eyes! He sounds like such an angel for you and I’m so happy for you both! 💗 Wish him a happy birthday for me! And I wish you hoth another 15byearsbof wedded bliss! God bless you! 💖💐🌹


    • Dear Murisopsis,
      My husband thanks you for your birthday wish. God brought him to me to help me through the rough times I have faced. I’m very grateful for such a wonderful man. He’s my soulmate.


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